Why “Radical One Of Many”?

Making up names is something that really takes me a while. There are just so many considerations, so many choices, so many possibilities! The name is possibly the single most important bell or whistle attached to a thing. It yells your first impression. Nietzsche would probably disagree with me here and say that ‘names’ and words in general cannot be given so much trust as I’d like. I however, would not like to be so precise and technical with language.

Instead I’d consider what feeling or meaning that I think certain words give to the ‘average’ reader. This, I suppose, would be my weak point, as I can only assess the ‘averageness’ of readers out of the circles of people I know.

Radical. It means of the root, or fundamental. It describes a person who is passionate about some fundamental idea. It implies someone who goes against the norm of society. Who wants change. It usually describes politically radical people, but that is not what I am. (I have tried to be interested: I took a Political Science course, I read the paper occasionally, but to no avail.)

My fundamental idea pertains to love: love of God – the Christian God. Everyone has their fundamental worldview, and whether or not they are aware of it, it affects what they do and who they are. Hopefully my life reflects my belief that life should be a) all about loving God; and b) trying hard to live life, ‘real life’, to reflect this through acting out God’s commands – i.e. trying to be like him – and constantly reassessing my life in regards to this.

One. So like the many, but so different from them all. Yes, this may be self-expression, but the self is as similar to the other as they are different, I would say. Maybe you’ll find something among these words.

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