Love is like an electrical circuit

Just thinking about “God’s love” and “loving God,” and what that means.

Why does God want us to love him? (i.e. “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength/mind.” Deut 6:5/Matt 22:37) Is he egotistical, needy…?

Among other things, I think that the reason is just so that he can love us more! One can love another without reciprocal love, but isn’t it so much more rewarding for both if the love is reciprocal? God is love; he cannot help but love us lavishly. He made us after all, in love, to love. Not that God is incapable of ‘loving’ us if we do not love him back. But a one-sided love is simplistic and dead. A mutual love is whole and vital.

It’s like those physics diagrams with the battery and lamp. The lamp may be connected to the battery on one side, but unless the circuit is complete, the energy (love) cannot flow back to its source. No light will result — the purpose of the lamp unfulfilled. God is that battery. We are that lamp.

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