Just thinking about getting scared of doing difficult things…

If God were really to take over our lives I think it would be much harder, and possibly impossible, to be proud. He’d work so amazingly through us that we would know it was all God and not us. But if we live controlling our own lives, everything we do would be humanly possible, and we would start attributing it to ourselves. (Though it would still be God because God does flashy great things and tiny small things too.)

It seems to fit into the whole topic of pride and humility too. When we make our will nothing, and God’s will everything, that means first that we will need God, and second that the consequences are all due to God and that in success we will also be nothing, and have nothing to be proud of.

I guess that is why God wants us to continually do things we fear and go places we don’t want to – so that when we do it we will depend on him alone (He likes helping us) and when we succeed we will see that it was by his power.

But of course this is infinitely difficult and all our lives we will be struggling with ourselves, wanting to maintain control and stay in our safe bubble.

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