The existence of sin

Reading: Thomas Middleton, A Trick To Catch The Old One.

A character (The Courtesan) says something interesting towards the end of the play:

She that knows sin, knows best how to hate sin. (5.2 132)

Why might God tolerate the possibility of us sinning? If he is all-powerful why doesn’t he just obliterate “sin” from the universe? Well that’s difficult if I try to think too philosophically (i.e. taking “sin” as whatever is Godless, and then being absolute about its existence or non-existence). But I think there is truth to the Courtesan’s words. When we have sinned we get an inkling of how detestable it is. I better hate the sins I have committed and which stand glaring in my past, because I know them.

As God hates sin, we become more similar to God when we learn to hate sin. I’d like to think of it as God’s little joke on Satan.


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