Beijing Olympics and politicization

All this clamour about China and its (foreign) policy in Darfur / Sudan and Tibet, and Steven Spielberg and Prince Charles boycotting the Olympics… I don’t really know what to think.

Except that Steven Spielberg should either renounce his American citizenship or declare that he doesn’t care grit about all the people dying in the Middle Eastern countries the US is fighting/occupying. Iraq / Iran anyone? Afghanistan? All this violence in a country for the one nutjob who caused violence in NYC.

Versus China’s economic expedience. (of which the US is also guilty – and we don’t see him objecting to the US continuing trade with China or anything)

Oh I don’t know. I guess I feel sorry for Beijing – so much is changing in China and you can’t expect it all to be flowers and marshmallows overnight. And I really like watching the Olympics.

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