Those “What to read when…” sections

As I rifled through a “What to read when…” section at the end of a Bible today, I realized something terrifying. Or terrific. (funny how positive this word has become)

This was a realization regarding how the case is not – as I usually assume in the back of my mind – that Person A needs numbers 2, 5, and 11 and Person B needs 4, 17, 21, and 22. Individually, we all need to address every one of those issues, some repeatedly. Just maybe not all at once (thankfully).

What this means is that I need a lot of help, because I am a lot of things: hopeless, directionless, comfortless, disagreeable, easily enticed, uncertain about the assurance of salvation, sinned against, bitter, neglectful of public worship, weak in faith, loose-tongued, judgemental, cheated, successful!, uncertain about my spiritual gifts, starting a new job, in a position of responsibility, establishing a new home, quarrelsome, challenged by dark forces, jealous, lazy, lustful, angry, vengeful, proud, addicted, greedy, apathetic, and in need of learning how to pray. And that was just a list from my brother’s tiny ‘baby dedication’ gift Bible.

Terrific. I guess terrifying, but also humbling, which is a terrific thing.

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