Romans 12:1-2 – the living sacrifices flow diagram

Flow Diagram for Romans 12:1-2: (like in Design & Tech class!)

God’s mercy –> We offer bodies as living sacrifices –> Renew mind –> No longer conformed to pattern of world –> Test and approve God’s (good, pleasing and perfect) will


Well, it is clear that we don’t initiate, God does. But then we have to respond, continuously, like advancing levels. It is probably easier to offer your body, and to just do things you think you should. But then to offer your mind, to want and believe in and delight in those things too with purity of heart – that may be more difficult. But if we manage that, then we will no longer be chameleon in the world, and because God is un-world, when we are un-world we are more in tune with God (yo).

So I guess to summarise: give body, and mind, mind being the trickier.

lol who am I kidding body is really hard too


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