Food sitting in your bag

Have you ever had food sitting in your bag – like a snack you thought you might need for the day – and felt like you had to eat it even though you weren’t hungry? (Perhaps at that moment you are not so engrossed in your work as you should be.)

Then you eat it. It’s more than you actually need to eat for the day. You should have just left it alone, for another time when you are actually hungry. You know you’ll like it. You do like it while you’re eating it. Then you regret it afterwards. “Why was that necessary?”

It’s kind of like not doing the right thing. At that moment it looks like an attractive option. You kind of ‘just want to’. It will actually be enjoyable – for the brief while that it lasts. But even as it’s happening you know you shouldn’t have. And like that food sitting in your bag, you think “I might as well!” But though you can do anything you want, not everything is a good idea.

“Everything is permissible”–but not everything is beneficial. “Everything is permissible”–but not everything is constructive.  (1 Corinthians 10:23)

Kind of random, but ‘meat eating’ has also been on my mind.

We all know what happens to the poor animals on those giant factory farms, but what are we doing about it? I actually don’t have a problem eating meat and I love meat; I guess I buy the circle of life idea. If a bear eats me, then so be it. (Though this is highly unlikely.) If a fisherman catches a bunch of fish, we eat it. If he doesn’t we don’t. But … the lack of living that factory farm animals undergo is really disturbing. Our assumption that “the supermarket has to always be stocked up with loads and loads of animals/animal products” is disturbing and not natural. The amount of meat most people eat is unnatural.

I guess this is turning into a rant for sustainability?

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