A Great Apathy Has Overtaken Me

I cannot write this book review on Telling the Truth About History. It’s kind of an infuriating book. It’s like a rant, except they legitimise everything they say by being PhD-holding professors. Then I wonder if I have a right to think their book is mediocre at best. What does a ‘PhD’ mean anyways? Very little to me, since having that incompetent music teacher in high school who had a PhD in Schoenberg’s twelve tone system, but also had completely inflexible modes of thought that didn’t strike me (or anyone else in the class, I’d feel safe to say) as being intellectual in the slightest. First time in a long while (several years) that I’ve felt so apathetic about anything. It’s a strange mood.

But again: what’s the worth of a PhD? People can get them in the most ridiculous things nowadays, as long as they sell the fact that they’re at the forefront of something.

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