On love poetry

I think there exists such a great store of love poetry (great being large as opposed to worthy) because poetry is usually composed upon a great surge of feeling. Love is such a great surge of feeling; and it is one for which there may be no suitable or otherwise unembarrassing outlets. That is to say: you cannot act on your love, so it remains on your mind, sitting, churning, chasing itself around; you express yourself through writing (poetry, that great well-considered form) to experience catharsis…

Ah. You feel you have done something about it.

7 thoughts on “On love poetry

  1. For me, it is as if there is so much emotion that I want to communicate with my beloved that it squishes up into my head and comes out in words. If the words are the right ones, they exude the right feelings, the day’s variation on the love I feel.

    I enjoyed reading your words, thankyou!

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