Chick flicks are like fast food

Chick flicks are like fast food: not real, and very bad for your health if consumed on a regular basis.

Some assumptions of those affected:

  1. It only ever takes 121 minutes to meet The One and be in love forever, absolutely.
  2. Loving someone is passive; you can experience it by sitting, watching, and welling up emotion.
  3. People will inevitably get thrown together because you think know they are ‘right’ for each other.
  4. If you are ‘right’ for each other, okthanks go live happily ever after.

Actually, when you watch a ‘romantic movie’, two people will hit it off, and could potentially be really good friends. Then [footage not shown].

We don’t see the mundane life happening; all we get is the romance. Popular art (the movie) has to be ‘nice’ and it has to be palatable to a diverse audience. We want what we kind of wish life were like. If it tastes good in the mouth, who cares what it does to the body? Grab some food in 5 minutes? Or spend the time grocery shopping, washing your vegetables, peeling and cutting, marinating your meat, preheating the oven, waiting for your food to bake, setting the table… washing the dishes?

Is it possible to get emotionally obese on cheap love?


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