To Do Lists vs. To Do à la carte

While to do lists are extremely useful for recording the entire volume of tasks you must get through – in the day, week, or foreseeable future – mammoth lists are also discouraging to look at. Then you might not do anything, but procrastinate instead. (That’s how I feel anyway.)

That’s why it’s helpful to also have a to do item – à la carte. Select one thing from your list, and make that your ‘list’. “Right now I will… [action verb + task noun].” One thing.

As much as checking off an item on your list feels great, you will look and see that you still have the entire list! auugghh. On the other hand, when you finish an item à la carte, you can erase it from your ‘list’ entirely, then start anew, by picking something else from your list.

At least during this reading week that has been working better for me than just having a list.

[not sure if I used “à la carte” suitably here]


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