I do love justice.

Justice is something I have been painfully aware of from childhood. I never really resented being hit by my parents if I did something wrong. I might resent the shame of being caught, and want to self-justify, but when the ruler came down on me, I knew I deserved it. (I think I now own and use that ruler, weird.) I would have been disappointed at my parents if they did not carry through – that would have been scandalous, not the hitting. (Yes, I am all for physical punishment for children within reasonable limits. Don’t be wishy-washy with children – they love justice more than you think. Or else they should.)

I guess I’m writing this to encourage myself in seeking justice today, though I’d really rather not. I wish I wasn’t so aware of what mistakes were made and why they might have been made. Then we could all just woolly through and ignore things that we don’t really want to change.

From the small,
Justice begins –
Pervert it then,
Perverted all;
At the large
How would it end?

Sometimes not being able to leave things be is perfectionism, and you should drop it. There is a time for pursuing things through though, when you should be relentless. I think justice is something that requires a thorough pursuit. Oh I really would rather not. It would be convenient, sometimes, for justice to be perverted. – It is not silly though! I shan’t listen to you. We cannot pass this off as silly, and sit pretty with what I have now, otherwise bigger and more important things will just be silly too.

This is because my Father is just. More just than I.



The event was as satisfactorily unsatisfactory as I thought it would be. But the motto of my old high school (King George V School) ran through my head, along with the rather pompous school song based on said motto: Honestas Ante Honores.


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