[I like how that word hubris feels when I say it. There’s a book about Hitler thus titled, as I recall from high school.]

Hitler 1889 – 1936: Hubris (by Ian Kershaw)

Anyways, the thought that inspired this post was: You cannot thwart God.

Thinking that you could ever ruin his plans by anything you could do is utter hubris. Isn’t that an amazing thought? Hold it for a sec.

[While we’re at it, I also like how ‘thwart’ feels when I say it.]


2 thoughts on “Hubris

  1. i enjoyed reading this (and the post on facebook). actually, i liked it. But thanks to facebook, it’s weird to say that now…grr.. sorry this comment is quite pathetic, hence why i never comment.. but i did want you to know I read it. And thought it was written very clearly, and dead on.

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