Devotional Tangents

Belts make you stand straight

Belt of truth. Standing upright.

I have recently learned why soldiers tie their waists tightly with a belt. Kinda like a corset. This practice is featured in the final battle in Glory (a movie about the American Civil War) when Robert Shaw prepares to attack Fort Wagner. According to my dad, belting your waist keeps your back straighter and makes you stronger.

This stirs another thought. The belt of truth in the Armour of God may not be as randomly assigned as I thought. It’s as if truth can prop you up when you want to slump, straighten the crooked, and so make you stronger in the war against lies. Pretty important stuff, if you consider (realise) that the whole world is a warzone of truth versus falsehood.

Personally, my heart sinks right to the bottom of the pool when I hear someone talking about believing something that contradicts the truth. I’ve realised how fickle our (my own) standards for truth are. We like keeping our own standards of truth. Truth cannot hurt us. Anything that hurts can’t be true! Even though we know this is silly when we see it pointed out, we still use this ‘ruler’ to measure truth because for some reason we think hurt ≣ no good. [≣ is always equal to]


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