When reading requires different approaches

As I write yet another ‘research’ essay in my fourth year of university, I am realising that I have perfected the art of reading as little as possibly needed to get the point.

And yet in the same four years of reading the Bible, I have come to understand that no matter how much I read and how many times I read the same thing, I will always just be trying to get the point.

Clearly, the reading material, author, and purpose are just vastly different.

One thought on “When reading requires different approaches

  1. Oh how true! Its an entire different appoach reading scince papers from the Bible.

    Science Paper: Skim intro for background info, skip methods and results elmost entirely and then flip through discussion. And if anything, read abstract to reaffirm the main points. Main points or facts are really only Im looking for.
    That would be like skimming through genesis, skipping the entire old testament and gospels and browsing through the episles and revalations. And then at the end reading book summaries to remind yourself of main points. Rather…

    Bible: God’s word to man! Everything is important. Something different to learn every time. All points to Christ. 2 Tim 3:16. Book summaries just don’t cut it, but word of God cuts you (Heb 4:12)!

    Reading for knowledge, understanding, motivation, or just plain fun is ever so different than reading for growing in godliness.

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