Unknown, The

Whether adventuresome or fearful, there are still the tearing desires between looking forward and looking back.

Life is stepping into different rooms. Even though you like the room, you know it is about time to open that new door. All the comfortable dimensions you have grown to accept, if not love, you will have to leave behind. Perhaps the room was pink, but you always thought it was blue. Perhaps you always sat in the one corner without realising the couch was right across from you. These things you see as you look back at the retreating scene through the door. “The fool I have been!”

But the distance will settle in, and you realise how much you had projected onto that room. It wouldn’t have been better if was the way you wanted. And yet it really wasn’t all you cracked it up to be either.

But for now, you feel the pulse in your head, and a queasiness about approaching the door. What will change? Do you expect too much change or too little?


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