The Emperor’s New Clothes

– He’s naked!

And so he is.

But for the sake of saving face, he will continue to parade naked in front of people, rather than decide that he had made an erroneous decision and ‘walked down the wrong road.’ If he admitted to being wrong, he would have to admit he lost all that time by being on the wrong road. The longer he delays, the harder it is to go back.

– They’re naked!

And so they are.

In order to hide this knowledge from God walking through the garden, Adam and Eve hide themselves in the trees. But wouldn’t God already know? And wouldn’t they know God knows? Self-protection is an intense instinct if there ever was one.

– We’re naked!

And so we are.

We know God knows. We don’t know if other people have noticed. But maybe if we pretend everything’s fine and dandy, they’ll believe we do it all on purpose.


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