Elijah and Elisha

The parts of 1 Kings and 2 Kings that talks about Elijah and Elisha made me cry, and I’m not really sure why. I suppose it is partly because they are clearly close friends. More so, when the two first meet, Elisha’s immediate and loyal dedication to serve Elijah is a rare breath of fresh air among the treachery and disloyalty to God that the other stories in 1 Kings display. It is something rather raw and innocent compared to the caution that we (understandably, I think) show people we do not know, even if we have good reference.

So I have a question to which I have formed only uncertain answers: When should we be so like Elisha? (I sat there but could not think of a suitable adjective) To God of course we should strive to be so, but to what people and when?

Elijah Summons Elisha; Elisha destroys his previous trade and becomes Elijah's apprentice

Elisha sees Elijah taken up to heaven and tears his clothes in parting grief


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