Chapters of frustration

Walking down the ‘Christianity’ aisle at Chapters book store is a little infuriating. Maybe extremely infuriating. “Why?” you say, “Aren’t you into Christian stuff?”

First question: what is the point of the Bible? Or a more simple question: why did Jesus come and die on the cross?

The Green Bible (NRSV) and The Inclusive Bible: The First Egalitarian Translation are not legitimate versions of The Bible. They thoroughly distort the gospel of Jesus Christ; he did not come to hug trees or slap the backs of self-righteous comrades, but to testify to the truth (that he’s the Son of God) and to give his life as a ransom for many.

Before you think I sound like a crazy conservative fundamentalist because the content of the three are still ‘mostly’ the same, think about the absolute importance of titles and context. The Bible is all about the glory of God revealed in Jesus Christ. The Green Bible is all about a 21st century fad of planet-earth-loving. The First Egalitarian Bible is all about people struggling to make all people of equal greatness (but some are more equal than others). These other versions are completely raining on God’s parade, hence are not God’s Word. Green/Egalitarian emphases take things other than God and make them the greatest (i.e. idolatry) and hence misquote The Bible. Yes, God wants us to be good stewards and to love other as ourselves, but God’s first consuming purpose is God glorified. Glorify being exalting, honouring, highly esteeming… designating importance.

[As a side note… NRSV translators allowed this Green version to be published. How does that make them look as those entrusted with the gospel of God?]

I hadn’t realised the priorities were so badly skewed. This creates a strange urge to be a submissive housewife and to throw the recycling in the trash.

These and many other worthless books are wrongly stocked in the Christian section of bookstores that are not run by Christians.


One thought on “Chapters of frustration

  1. First off, wow, you got a blog makeover. Looking good. And two, is the Green bible made from 100% recycled material? It better be!

    I also find it funny how they made Inclusive = Egalitarian. I wonder if an Egalitarian would wanted to be painted with that stroke. I understand that this is trying to equate universal role equality with inclusivity… but that word has much larger tones in Christian circles. Seems like this would draw not only Egalitarians but also those that wish to make inclusive the exclusive claims of Christ. Which by a sales and marketing standpoint might be a great idea… -_-.

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