“One is not born a woman”

Monique Wittig, self-titled “radical lesbian,” wrote an essay in 1981 entitled, “One Is Not Born a Woman,” in keeping with non-essentialist feminists (like Simone de Beauvoir) who reject biological explanations for the differences that we see between the sexes.

To that, I say this:

One is not born a woman; one is born a baby girl.
The baby girl becomes the woman she was born to be.

This may or may not be the first in a series of brief ‘cheeky retorts’ to theorists/opinions I don’t agree with.


2 thoughts on ““One is not born a woman”

  1. I find this woman’s statement to be somewhat ironic. Our culture seems to have the idea that gender is a socially constructed identity, but that same culture promotes hardcore evolution, which says that the sexual dimorphism of the genders is evolutionarily adaptive; the two genders have evolved to compliment each other in their roles and biology.
    Even from newborns we see gender differences, and in primate studies, where there is NO socially constructed influence (not only because they are primates, but because we control for it by removing them from any social influences there may be), you can see gender differences. There have also been studies done on humans with chromosomal and genetic abnormalities, with results that show that biology is a HUGE factor in gender identity and gender role – despite physiology. For example, males accidentally raised as females until puberty, have for the majority (95%) shown to have always thought they were males, and always identified themselves with male gender identities and roles, even in sexual preferences. Even though socially, they were told they were female.
    Though social factors play a large role, it is not the deciding factor. God created us male and female. Equal, in His image. But distinct; fulfilling complimentary roles. And I agree Shahaha, fulfilling the roles we were born to fill, just how God intended.
    OH silly Monique. If only she had attended BioPsych. classes and learned about evolution :P
    Thanks for this post Shahaha!

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