What people have been reading here

Early this month, WordPress sent me a summary of my blogging year in 2010. This included mention of the most read posts, which got me looking at the most read posts of all time. Here is the top of the list for your interest. (I mean, these must have some substance to them even if not everything I post may be worth reading.)

Title Views
Home page 2,813
The Pulley (by George Herbert) 1,268
“Twitterpated” (Bambi, 1942) 93
What is this? 84
“as long as she remained inaccessible, he could remain constant” 38
King Lear and God 27
On love poetry 25
Awkwardness 18
Bible Reading Plan 16
MRS Degree: an honours designation 15
“quote” 14
Walking in the light [Isaiah 2] 12
Hubris 11
I still don’t understand what I am do to 11
an assortment of ideas 11
On Singleness 11
“One is not born a woman” 10
How difficult it is to be saved! [Isaiah 1] 10
Innovative redesign of reclining seats on Cathay Pacific planes (a.k.a. Christmas is about Christ Jesus) 10

As you can see, the little piece I wrote on George Herbert’s poem The Pulley has singlehandedly skewed the number of times this quaint little blog is actually read by strangers. English literature is a wonderful thing.

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