Interestingly enough, I’ve realised that I’m fascinated by males with issues. This goes for the whole age range.

That’s bizarre, you say.

Females with issues just aren’t quite so intriguing as males with issues. And by ‘issues’ I mean boys with behavioural problems, young men with complicated pasts, older men with stubborn convictions… Mind boggling.

You have an issue.

Fortunately for me, the Bible is dominated by men with issues rather than women with issues. (Not that women have fewer issues, or that theirs are less important. Just less fascinating.)

Yea, why is there such measly content about women in the Bible? It’s so chauvinistic.

Wild thought, but maybe that’s why feminists find it hard to read the Bible – they’re too interested in women’s issues. In the bigger picture, I must concede that men and women have some of the same issues… so women can be fascinating too, at times. And about the Bible being chauvinistic, it’s people who are chauvinistic, and the Bible narrates the lives of many people, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Sometimes people are all three.

You women are pretty complicated.

Your call, but usually, I look at a female issue and think “meh, just do this <insert action here>.” Obviously though, the answer may be clear but the implementation not.

This has been a random snippet of internal conversation from yours truly.

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