Assorted Stir Fry of Thoughts

Read different things today worth making a note of:

  1. “Certain speech is not as valuable as other speech, and I think we need to say that,” says one commentator on the rise of internet fads like Youtube videos used to post moments of death captured on video. [See When a Family Tragedy Turns Into a Youtube Sensation] This quote is a good one for considering the worthiness of speech coming from my own mouth. Or the worthiness of what I type.

  2. Second thing is fairness and equity. Fairness can be misunderstood as necessarily a good thing, but it is not the same is justice. Often, our perception of unfairness is self-focused: we will compare ourselves to others. Are we getting the same deal? Justice is not comparison-driven but standard-driven. And unlike that creepy picture of identical blue humanoids, we are uniquely created by God and unconditionally chosen and saved by His will alone. It’s not fair at all, but completely just. [See Fair is a Four-Letter Word]
  3. Finally, I’m pretty sure I’ve thought all seven of these things. [See I’m Not a Christian, But I’m Coming to Your Church This Sunday]

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