Working with kids

As much as working with kids makes me think children are cuter than ever, it has also reinforced what I know of children being depraved (corrupt with sinfulness) rather than innocent.

Yes, even that little boy who stays behind and says, “I don’t really need anything inside; I just wanted to be with you.”

Yes, even that little girl who says, “It’s cold in here,” and snuggles up to you.

Yep, and even that tiny boy who decides to hold onto your hand with his itty bitty one just after you’ve met for the first time because you broke the ice with him and amused him.

Cute, but also depraved:

Children want to be first.

Children care most about their own needs.

Children love if they are loved, and even then the love is often fickle and changing.

These are not always true to the same extent in each child, but having spent a good amount of time with children this past while, these strike me as much as their littleness and lovableness do. For me, this realization is always accompanied  by a surge of feeling, where sad is indistinguishable from glad.

Usually when I realize that I’ve been “childish,” it is a similar selfish strain of behaviour. Depravity changes surprisingly little between generations.


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