Since browsing Dollarama a week ago, our house has acquired a kitchy kitchen decoration that pronounces, “HOPE gives wings to our dreams” where the “O” is a chicken.

Hope gives wings to our dreams

Hope is an all encompassing feel-good word that doesn’t quite elaborate itself. Yet, always before a Christian is the simple reality of “I am not my own.” We place the weight of our hope not in any preference or desire, any payoff for effort or chance, but in the relationship we have with our Master and Lord. That “I am not my own” should give peace to my thoughts, for it relegates concerns of lesser importance (the “I’d really love ifs”) to the periphery, and allows you to see Christ more clearly at the centre.

Think, if you will, about Jonah, and what would change about his thoughts and attitudes if he were to embrace that maxim, “I am not my own.”


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