Thanksgiving Day (Canada) affords some extra time to do things like read past entries in your journal. One particularly stood out to me, and is the least personal or identifying of the ones that stood out, so I will share it here. It just also struck me as a record of God’s prompting. For some reason it sounds unlike my writing voice, but I’ve googled quotes from the entry and haven’t found matches, so I guess it must be my writing.

To preface, I was singing in a musical revue (collection of favourite musical songs put to an original storyline – “A form of theatrical entertainment in which recent events, popular fads, etc., are parodied. Any entertainment featuring skits, dances, and songs.” – from One of the songs was from Mamma Mia, so the words must have been stuck in my head. I might have also borrowed my roommate’s copy of Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening to read and quote after she shared a bit with me? Here it is as I wrote it on the day.


Feb 16

Mamma Mia

“I was angry and sad when I knew we were through
I can’t count all the times that I’ve cried over you…”

A song from the musical, VIMH.

Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening (see the entry)

Philippians 4:11

“For I have learned in whatever situation I am to be content.”

Yes, time and distance allows scabs to grow and cover wounds, but Hush, Christian child. Hush the murmur of discontent and take care to cultivate the grace that God has sown in you. We think sometimes that we have learned — it will take more pain before we learn more, and more to be content.

So put away the words “inconsiderate” “wish you were miserable too” “hate” “abandoned” “rejected” “cheated” “deceived” “blame” and more.

hush the murmur.

For you are loved, sought, redeemed, forgiven, shown mercy and grace, rejoiced over with singing, and quieted by his love. *


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