Blessings are sweeter the more bitter life tastes, and brighter the darker the outlook. Ergo, praise God, the source of all good! He alone is worth being thankful for, to us who have hope through Jesus to one day be with Him, but in the meantime, He doesn’t leave us who live on earth devoid of anything substantial to be thankful for either. Just a few ideas to get you going and inspired to “Thank the Lord!” quite literally:

  • friends that help you pack and move house
  • older and wiser men who give tell-it-like-it-is advice you don’t like but know is good
  • fantastic timing to receive a thoughtful text from a friend
  • friends who travel an hour just to be with you when you need the company
  • friends who consistently check up on your well-being
  • Bible-centered weekends with wonderful women of all ages!
  • our freedom from sin and its effects through our enslavement to the perfect Christ
  • paying $210 in lost wages to learn the hard lessons about being firm, sticking to your guns, and not naively trusting strangers to act honestly
  • the peaceful solace of nature
  • learning to enjoy talking on the phone (a lost art in IM / texting world)
  • the opportunity to witness progression in part of one of God’s long-term projects
  • the opportunity to have been patient in love for part of one of God’s long-term projects
  • the energy to run through the forest for hours!
  • the beautiful mystery that is glowing fireflies at dusk
  • ability to do friends a favour
  • the thrill of roller coasters
  • open channels of communication
  • girl times (setting up BBQs, spray painting, learning to drive standard, jumping over fire and running through mud, camping… you know, the typical… ok, shopping and making food too)
  • studying the God’s word with people regularly, always with someone even if not everyone can make it each time
  • the tastiness of fresh sausages from the farmer’s market
  • the tastiness of bacon in any package or of any brand
  • getting a good deal
  • being able to sympathize with someone who suffers something similar
  • learning how to small talk
  • learning how to consta-talk whatever you’re thinking to fill empty sound-space
  • the satisfaction of feeding hungry people
  • mommy!
  • daddy!
  • getting a positive reply to a job application after you get a negative reply from another one
  • sending friends off to embark upon the great journey of marriage
  • opportunities to be honest even if it sets you back
  • opportunities to see your own flaws and mistakes
  • the emotional release of crying (applicable to both genders y’know!)
  • the emotional release of full belly laughing
  • new beginnings
  • new friends
  • old friends
  • pleasant surprises
  • solid pastors
  • good books
  • free time to read good books
  • inspired authors
  • people who throw good parties
  • people who enjoy the food you make enough to clean off the dish
  • opportunities to be honest and vulnerable with people
  • opportunities to let people help you
  • having access to a car, and all the mobility that entails
  • the wonder of fire
  • learning the art of making successful campfires
  • the refining fire that is opportunities to practice patience
  • a collection of solid prayers for times when you don’t know what to pray (The Valley of Vision)

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