Then and Now: King David

I am studying 2 Samuel, 1 Chronicles, and the Psalms with some friends according to the projected chronological order of the chapters, and it has provided some opportunity to dwell on King David’s life a bit more.

Then: David’s enemies of war from surrounding tribes and nations and within his household (e.g. Absalom).

Now: Few of those in the Western world  have many personal political enemies but we do have family members or co-workers, or others we don’t get along with.

Now: Sometimes our enemies are the ruts of thought we get into, our emotions, and our habits of mind. Depression consumes us, or hopelessness, or lust, or anger, or envy, or obsession.


Then: David ogles Bathsheba and commits adultery with her.

Now: People ogle others in pornography, or even on billboards (those get quite pornographic these days), people commit adultery with themselves in masturbation, and people still commit adultery with other people they are not married to.


Then: David kills Goliath the giant when he taunts Israel and disrespects God.

Now: We remember this story and tell it to children in Sunday school all the time. It’s a good one alright!


Then: Another man, kills Goliath’s brother Lahmi (whom we can only assume to be almost as big as Goliath by the description of the weapon he used). David’s nephew kills another giant with polydactyly (6 digits on each hand and foot) when said giant taunts Israel. Yet another man, Sibbecai, kills a Philistine giant in war. Famous people and not so famous people often do similar things, but some are less recognized than others.

Now: We still mostly remember the giants of old and the giants of today, skipping out on the recognition of normal people doing extraordinary things. Not everyone gets a book written about them, and many have just a line or two of recognition somewhere, but there are still commendable and significant things happening with otherwise “insignificant” people.


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