Bible Reading Plan

Winter/Spring/Summer 2012

The Bible in Chronological Event Time
January [Finally finished every book of the Bible at least once!]
February-June Genesis 1-11 Job Genesis 12-50  Romans
July-August Gospel of Mark (Attributes of Jesus Christ) (Principles)

This time, I am going to attempt the Old Testament in chronological order, with some NT books thrown in for balance. There is a plan that sequences the Bible as such, and it is interesting to note the interspersed books of 1 & 2 Samuel, 1 & 2 Chronicles, and the Psalms, being about King David / written by King David. As you can see, that whole complex configuration will be added here at a later time. For now, it’s not too ambitious.

Spring/Summer 2011

May Ezekiel 2 Cor 1 Thess
June Joel Matthew 2 Thess
July Deuteronomy John
Aug Nahum
Haggai Revelations

The target is to finish the Old Testament books that I have yet to read plus Revelations; after this,  I’ll have read the whole Bible (finally).

Winter 2011

Jan Joshua Psalms (cont.) Revelation (sermon)
Feb Ezekiel Zechariah Malachi
Mar Ezra Philippians
Apr Lamentations Romans

This is a little more than the Fall plan, but not overly burdensome. I may change March/April. The target is to finish the New Testament and the books left over from the Summer Plan. (Revelation marks the last of the NT books I need to read to be sure I’ve read them all in their entirety, while Ezekiel marks the last of the Summer plan.) Fortunately, my church’s sermon series starting January 2011 is on Revelation! I don’t even need to read it as a puzzled citizen.

Here is the current series:

Here is the past Revelation series (which I have not heard):

Fall 2010

Sept Colossians
Oct Jude A Gospel (Luke)
Nov Daniel 1 John
Dec Zephaniah Thessalonians 1 & 2

This is a more modest approach than the summer’s. Less quantity; more depth.

Summer 2010

May 9–15 Exodus Hosea
16–22 Judges James
23–29 Ecclesiastes 1 Kings
June 30–5 1 Chronicles 2 Kings
6–12 2 Chronicles Micah
13–19 Esther Mark
20–26 Isaiah Galatians
July 27–4 Jeremiah Ephesians
4–10 Job Philippians
11–17 Song of Solomon Hebrews
18–24 Psalms
25–31 Psalms
Aug 1–7 Psalms Luke
8–15 Ruth Romans
15–21 Ezekiel Proverbs
22–28 Daniel Colossians
29–4 Malachi Revelation
These are some books that two friends and myself have collectively selected for reading over the months of May – August 2010. I believe the criteria was “10 books from the Bible I feel I should have read and will now commit to reading.”Feel free to come alongside.

I have tried to pair old testament with new testament, short books with long, and prose/narrative with verse, while keeping some points of logical progression. (Note for example that 2 Chronicles, which contains the last ‘events’ of the OT times, is followed by Mark, which is a gospel of Jesus Christ, though not one with many pre-birth events.)


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