The Pen

A sword to stab into the mire of thoughts
A point to seek their worth
A blade to test their balance
The sheen to illumine confusion

A swipe to wipe out obstinance
A slash to cut off the pain
A parry to ward off futile thoughts
The sheathing to wait and to trust.

To write thoughtfully, honestly, and forwardly (Christwardly)
about the changes and challenges you most resist
takes greater courage than samurai seppuku.


Book Spine Poetry

I have books. Books have spines. Book spines have words. Poems are made of words. :)

I was shown this cool little poetry idea last month, and have been waiting to try one myself. Here it is.

Or, just for fun, there’s also this slightly more irreverent version, depending on your opinion of American Poets…

In Retrospect

Often, I will read things I wrote a while ago and sit in shockhorror at how silly and unenlightened my thoughts/feelings were. Sometimes the reverse may happen, and I will realise that I have deviated from an unchanging principle I managed to capture, most likely Biblical. I wonder whether published authors ever feel this way?

I wonder whether published authors ever re-read a book they published ten years ago and sit in shockhorror wishing they could confiscate all the copies in the world?