Bucket List

A growing list of things that would be cool to do before I die, but don’t desperately need to be done.

  1. Ride in a hot air balloon.
  2. Go horseback riding. (At a fair gallop.)
  3. Spelunking.
  4. Ziplining.
  5. Surfing.
  6. Scuba diving.
  7. Skydiving.
  8. Read The Lord of the Rings trilogy.
  9. Sew and make a bag or a piece of clothing.
  10. Knit something.
  11. Learn martial arts, preferably Wing Chun.
  12. Learn to play guzheng. Own a guzheng. (Chinese zither)
  13. See the Aurora Borealis. (Northern Lights)
  14. Shoot firearms.
  15. Go to Europe: England, France, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Sweden
  16. Go to Subsaharan Africa and see safari animals.
  17. Climb one or more of the following mountains: Kilimanjaro, Fuji, Matterhorn, Logan, Jiu Hua Shan, Tai Shan, E Mei Shan, Huang Shan

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